hiiii, I'm Nhi!

Let's break the ice...

  • Recent Florida State University graduate with a B.A. in Studio Art (2D and Graphic Design).

  • Mediums: graphic design, printmaking, oil painting, collage.

  • Inspiration: cute Asian-inspired character and plushy shops, album and tour art, music video visuals, my friends and co-workers ;)

  • Music: Korean RNB and Hip Hop (and yes, Kpop too).

  • Hobbies: Ideally: video-editing, crocheting, baking, traveling. Realistically: watching K-dramas, thrifting, going to Target.

  • Next goal: land a graphic design/PR position in entertainment, beauty, fashion or other creative fields in New York City or LA (or any big city hehe).

  • The big dream: become an art/creative director or music video editor/director!

Quick facts;)

I never thought I would say it, but college truly did a one-eighty for my personality, for the better. From a shy little girl who never dared to leave her dorm room to a less shy little girl, but is willing to step out of her comfort zone, audition for a Kpop dance group, interview for a student-run programming board, work as social media manager and graphic designer for those two school organizations, and eventually help others connect, bond, and grow in an emerging community, while navigating an eventful, creative, and impactful route of my own.

Hi, I’m Nhi (pronounced ñee). I’m currently based in Tallahassee, Florida but my roots are from far more than just one city. Growing up in 5 different cities, 2 different countries and having moved to 4 different schools in high school (this is always my “fun fact” in ice breakers), I often questioned my identity, and what I wanted to focus my art career on. It wasn’t until I joined two student organizations Club Downunder (programming board) and Seoula System (dance team) that I realized what I wanted to do with my life wasn’t just a medium. It wasn’t just painting or drawing, 2D or 3D, traditional or digital. It was what I wanted the mediums to do, what purpose it serves. In my case, I wanted my art to connect and invite people to interact, to grow, to be passionate. Whether it is with graphic design or public relations, with a concert, cultural event, or dance showcase, through social media or in-public marketing campaigns, my purpose is to link communities together to help those like that shy little girl fit in and feel welcomed in a new environment.


Behind the brand “gummi”

Thinking back to my childhood, the only thing that connects truly to me is my nickname a friend gave to me – gummi bear – which represents a soft and cute exterior with a fun and playful personality. The image surrounding that nickname brightened up my smile so I wanted to also spread that joy and fond childhood memories to the young generation who are struggling in the fast-paced modern life. Combining bright and vibrant colors with lots of texture, my work blurs the boundary between real and imagined. Life is not all about the hard stoned truth but also about imagination, playfulness and freedom.

let's stay connected!