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club downunder

Club Downunder is Florida State University’s student-run programming board where students plan and execute concerts, comedy shows, lectures, arts and culture, and special events for FSU students and the Tallahassee community. In 2022, the new Club Downunder venue was introduced which gave way to more exciting events on campus.

CupcakKe - Concert

Hip Hop & R&B Night - Concert

Emo Night - Concert

Kpop Night - Cultural Event

850 Night Market - Cultural Event

850 Night Market Performer Lineup

Brandi Denise - Comedy

Spring Fling - Special Event

Literary Open Mic Night

Sing Your Heart Out - Open Mic

Indie Night Live - Concert

Slainte - Cultural Event

seoula system

Seoula System is a Kpop and Hip Hop dance group at Florida State University founded in 2019. The team performs at school-run events and hosts other showcases, performances, and collaborations, including an event co-hosted by Club Downunder: Kpop Night.

Spring 2023 Auditions Flyer

Fall 2022 Dance Bash Flyer

Fall 2022 Auditions Flyer

Seoula System 2022-2023 Logo

Kaptain Reveal Instagram Layout

Seoula System T-shirt Design


I currently take commissions for all things design: social media graphics, album and tour design, print graphics, media/press kit designs, and more!

'Andante' RNB Album + Poster

MUTUALS & CO. Team Opportunities

MUTUALS & CO. P1eceful Ride

HALSUG - YFR Eazy's Top Picks Playlist

HALSUG - Milky Day's Top Picks Playlist

All-Night Yahtzee 25th Anniversary Album

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